Friday, 11 December 2009

A BIG thank you from my mom for your wonderful wishes,
this Sufi song is for you guys!
**new painting soon**


Sreetama said...

Thanks Dee! I have a working knowledge of French but art books might prove to be too hard to handle!
Dolly's was a haunt when I was a student at JU, though only on the rare occasions we left campus to venture into the real world.
Took your advice and tried acrylic on the board-y canvas thingies. U're right! so much easier! plus the colour tones really evenly. Super.
I might be travelling to Brussels for some time in February next year and intend to move about a bit. If I make it to Geneva, I'm buying you coffee for being so sweet!

Dora said...

hii urs is the most illustrative art blog i have visisted lately. I loved th paintings bright and colorful. I am also an artist and ur work is beautiful

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