Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ganeshji at home

Over the last few years, we have brought home 'Ganesh-ji's....100_4495 (2)
This is from one of our early morning visits to Sidhhivinayak temple
in Mumbai, the beauty of the murti (idol) at the temple is captivating.

This next one here is a tiny silver Ganesha
that was a gift from the lady at Chamba Lama,
the most famous curio shop in Kolkata.
Not just us three sisters, even dad received a tiny Ganesh-ji
after one of our generous shopping sprees at the store!
100_4532 (2)
It has a beautiful Bhutanese mantra intricately carved all around.
Some of my jewellery and artifacts from the shop in the backdrop :)
100_4545 (2)
I have been visiting this store from my college days..
spent hours (and most of my pocket money at that time) at the store,
which boasts of an awesome selection of
silver jewellery and Tibetan curio.
Even now when I go back to Kolkata,
a visit to Chamba Lama is indispensable.

100_4523 (2)
This little Ganesha is made of sandalwood and gifted to us by Mr. Suryani when
we visited his store/factory in Mysore to purchase
a Ganesh-murti (photo later in this post) with my first salary:)

This is Ganesh-ji carved in stone, from Orissa craftsmen,
collected at a handicraft fair in Mumbai.
Arnab and I had gone with my mom. I loved their detail and form
so much... I had to take home one; it was only after
I had picked Him up that Maa looked and said,
'You picked a Ganesha with his trunk bent towards the right!'.
We are not superstitious but she could not help remark that
apparently it is supposed to be lucky and is very difficult to find
(most Ganesh idols have their trunks bend towards the left,
Siddhivinayak is another exception).

100_4635 (2)
This is the Ganesh-murti we brought from the
Suryani brothers' factory in Mysore in 2004.

And here is the latest addition to our family of Ganeshas,
I painted him on a little block of wood.
<span class=
Size: 14.5 cm x 24 cm (rounded corners)
Medium: Acrylic paint and acrylic ink
100_4609 (2)-1
The vahana (mount) of Lord Ganesha is referred to as 'Mooshika'.
In the Hindu pantheon, each deity is seated on a mount(vahana)
which always has a symbolical meaning.
The mouse is apparently used as a symbol of greed and inquisitiveness.
Our mooshika here seems quite controlled and poised, thanks to Ganesh-ji!
100_4554 (2)-1
The text reads ''श्री गणेशाय नमः '' (Shree Ganehsaya Namah)
(Meaning: 'Gan': people, 'Eshaya':loved by; He who is loved by everyone)
which is so true for Ganesha!


Fernanda R. Lima said...

This is incredible!!!! My absolute favorite!!!!! Oh my i have to have one!!!!!!

Jaya Ganesha!!



Arch at Rang said...

I too am a collector of Ganeshas and they all come out during Ganesh Chaturthi Festival at home:-)

The Ganesha on the wooden tablet is a great idea Dithi:-)

He just has to be my fav God...the remover of obstacles!


Megha Chhatbar said...

I am die hard fan or collector of Ganesha! He is one who listen to me every time..:) A great painting again and it is said that they bring happiness, prosperity and knowledge to our home.
Jai Ganesha! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! If you have possibility visit Vijay Murtikar on the Asi Ghat in Varanasi. He's an artist and Ganesha bhakt. I bought some pictures and stone murti's of Ganesha Ganapati from him.
You obviously have taste and luck with your Ganesha murties :)

Elisa Day said...

Amazing! I also love Ganesha. I also have a small Ganesha collection

Dithi said...

Fernanda, I know how much you love Ganesha, so wasn't surprised at all when you posted soon after I published :), thanks and Jay Ganesha!

Archana, thank you so much, 'Vigna-Vinashaka' indeed. I am going to hop over to rang decor to see if I can find photos of your Ganeshas!

Megha and Elisa, Thank you

Sander, thanks for the info (look what I found on flickr Sure hope to visit someday.

Parv Kaushik said...

in my memory this is the first male-god pic i'm seeing from you!!.. Ganeshji comes in various forms and shapes.. ur is also a beautiful addition to his various avatars!

Deepa Raman said...

wow these pictures are what should be called truly indian..and Ganesh who is loved by all...

Chandan said...

Lovely pictures and stunning art Dee! The painting is exquisite!

The Restless Quill said...

Dithi, you're extremely talented but i suspect you already know that. I loved the pictures of your home in Once upon A tea Time. Where can i see more of your work to buy?

Dithi said...

Parv, I missed you during the giveaway! Yes, indeed, this is my first 'male-God' rendition :)!

Deepa, Chandan, thank you!

The restless quill: thank you, you can buy my art herehere. For cutomized paitings, you can send me a message at

Theresa said...

Beautiful Ganesha

Sudha said...

hi Dithi
Have been a fan of ur work ever since I saw it showcased on Vineeta's blog...I take it upon myself to share beautiful and creative blogs (like urz and vineeta's) with friends and family..:)

Rupa said...

Beautiful Ganeshas! I love the painting you have done, a slight deviation from your other paintings. One look at it, it's unmistakable that it's your art:) Interestingly, the person that owns Suryani in Mysore is a family friend!

Dithi said...

Theresa: glad you enjoyed.

Sudha: That is very sweet of you, to be mentioned alongside Vineeta's artnlight is such a boost!

Rupa: I look forward to your insightful comments whenever I post and feel bad about not being able to trace you back to a web-home(blog). Its so good to know your connection with the Suryani Store owners. We completely love their collection and sure to visit if in B'lore or Mysore.

Arch at Rang said...

Hey Dithi~

My Ganesha pics are on Flickr if you want to have a look:-)


Rob Reeves said...

I have long been fascinated by Hindu imagery especially Ganesha. I've been working on a painting of him for a client and your posts have given me a wealth of examples from which to work. I enjoy your paintings. The have a great sense of peace and whimsy.
Thank you!

hariharan said...

Lovely painting!!
I love your use of colors....they are bright,vibrant and happy :)
And I must tell you my favorite feature of your painting is the eyes....they are so beautiful and very expressive.
Keep up the great work.

Turmericnspice said...

first time at your blog and it has been an absolute pleasure...u have a beautigul creative hand...amazing work!!love the Ganesha!!...

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Mira said...

i am your die-hard fan, dee!

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