Monday, 15 March 2010

Our home featured

Hello beautiful people!
How was your weekend?
We had a lovely time with friends feasting on
delectable Bengali delicacies!

Weekend was also spent in taking snaps around our home.
Hop over to Aditi's inspiring design and decor blog
Once Upon A Tea Time..............Design Stories
to take the home tour over a cup of ginger-chai!
Thank you Aditi for the feature


Chandan said...

Love evry inch and corner D! The stunning Durga Painting, the colourful bull masks, the awesome table decor, your work space, the tangkhas' and your drawings.. all!

eve's lungs said...

You have a lovely house . I hopped over from Tea Time and am enthralled .

Divya said...

Beautiful home! Really enjoyed looking at the photos. Every inch looks so interesting, as if every item has a special story.

eve's lungs said...

Dithi I have just been going through your blog . Tumi ki shundor kaaj koro - reminds me of pat paintings . I shall go over all your old posts to check out what I've missed !

Deepa Raman said...

that was such a wonderful house :)

Megha Chhatbar said...

Such a beautiful home! Very creative and colorful...:)

Divya said...

Dithi, loved your home. Commented on Once upon a tea-time that I really feel like flying to Geneva to have a real look at your home :-)
Where is this curio shop in Kolkata that you have mentioned in your blogs? Am going there next month.


Dithi said...

Chandan, after having seen your home and collections, it is very generous of you and very encouraging for me to get your approval :)!

Eve's lungs: thank you. Yes, pot paintings are a source of inspiration like many other folk art forms no doubt. Glad you enjoyed your first visit!

Divya, Deepa, Megha: thank you so much!

Divya: you are most welcome to join me for a cup of chai if you come to Geneva! The curio shop is in the famous 'New Market' in Central Kolkata, you can ask anyone once in the market and you'll get directions :)

Sylvie said...

I love the bull masks! Your home is gorgious! I enjoy all these colors and your blog is beautiful...
I'm very glad to welcome you as a suscriber in my blog. Very encouraging for me...(I'm new in the bloggers community)

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