Monday, 5 July 2010

Garden of the five senses

A couple of weeks back, we visited Le Jardin des Cinq Sens
(or the Garden of the five senses) in the medieval town of Yvoire, France.
It was a glorious day, we took the boat from Geneva and sailed for
a little over 1.5 hrs to finally get to the 700+ year old town.

'One of the vegetable gardens surrounding the 14th Century castle in Yvoire was transformed in 1986 and opened to the public.Within this enclosed space the paths, pool and fruit trees were kept and taking the five senses as a theme, a plant maze was created using the techniques and symbols of the Middle Ages.'

'The hornbeam hedges and the espaliered apple trees
of the Jardin des Cinq Sens ®
divide the garden into four rooms, each representing
one of the senses of sight, touch, taste and smell.
The fifth sense of hearing is represented by the sounds of birdsong and water.'
'The labyrinth is, in fact, the castle’s former kitchen garden,
restored according to the art of medieval gardens:
maze of the five senses, espaliered fruit trees, old roses,
hedged cloister with medicinal and scented plants, fountains, birds…'
As you explore the labyrinth, narrow hedges lead you to
'The Garden of smell' and these yellow flowers
that smell like jasmine greet you.
The Garden of touch is filled with texture, the most unusual geometric shapes
and pods and thorns and buds.....

'The Garden of sight' has magical shades of blue, mauve and pink....
It is said about this garden that if you revisit the labyrinth,
it'll never be the same experience. It constantly changes colour and
promises to be feel like your first visit each time.
'Un jardin qu'il faut decouvrir lentement avec une âme de poète'
~A garden that needs to be discovered with the soul of a poet~
Hope you enjoyed, I couldn't short-select the snaps so posted almost all :)


Lynda said...

What a pretty place! :)

GB said...

Love that picture of the mulberry!! we have some growing in our backyard and they're really sweet when ripe!!! :)

Arch at Rang said...

Gorgeous macros:-)

I see you are putting your new camera to full use:-)


Dithi said...

Lynda: welcome, hello and thank you!
GB: Glad you enjoyed.
Arch: Thank you for stopping by and happy to get your nod of approval :) Yes, I am overdoing the macro-photography bit right now LOL!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

gorgeous images,dithi

lata said...

The pictures are awesome, I was glad to be there but the pictures are amazing through your camera lens. It is a pleasure to my eyes 
Keep smiling & Take care


Dithi said...

Lakshmi: Thankooo!

Lata: Thanks so much for the call, glad you liked the photos, it was a brilliant day to visit the garden, was a lot of fun indeed :), thanks for visiting deezden

Rupa said...

The place sounds gorgeous and it looks gorgeous from your camera lens too! I love your macros, my fav is the mulberry one too....Of course I was drooling at all the pics and especially when I saw the sign that says "plants for sale"....sigh...I would have bought a few at east :)

Domestic Goddess said...

wow...great going. I can see you r enjoying it to the fullest. Keep going. Thanks for sharing. Love them.

barnalisaha said...

Beautiful pictures, Dithi. You have wonderful hands. Keep posting such delightful pictures.


Mike Hamilton said...

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Miriam said...

Bellissime le foto!!!


D said...

Those are super awesome pics! What camera do you use? Lens?

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