Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tweet Tweet....

Hubby came home with a package he picked up in the mail,
wrapped pretty in a brown-paper - full of texture
and beautifully stamped with little birdies in teal :),
all the way from Daly City, California........
my orders from Birdnerd are here !

I fell in love with Chelsea Groves' birds the moment
I bumped into her shop, while randomly browsing through Etsy one morning.
The bright blue ink is hand screen printed on a heavy linen,
the European Starling is a splash of blue in my
red-brown-earthy-toned living area.
The Cedar Waxwing is a beautiful piece in a very Indian red.
The item description read 'Introducing bird art that you can hug!' true.
Even the tags threaded around the little birdies look so organic and cute:
I am totally loving the back of the plushies just as much,
printed fabrics in springy colours loaded with more texture.
'One of the things that makes me happiest in the world is when I am outdoors and a bird perches close by on a branch and silently stares at me before flying away.
It's as if all of nature has stopped for a moment and said,
"Well, hello there. I see that you exist.'' '
- Chelsea, from her website
She has an exhaustive collection of her artwork on FlickR.
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet resting on our CD rack/library at the moment......
You can read all about the kind of work Chelsea does
and her techniques here. Her paintings, collages (which she likes to refer to as
''painting with paper'') are so intricate and full of delicious detail.
I especially like her linocut prints,
this print on Thai Unry paper is one of my favourites.
I had to make this post as soon as the parcel arrived,
our home is tweeting a happy tweet right now.
Thank you Chelsea :).......
a bit of a birnerd myself, I feel totally pampered today.


GB said...

These are gorgeous!!

Domestic Goddess said...

they are really gorgeous. I love the tweeting post. I am on my way to check out her shop...Thanks for sharing.

Divya said...

so adorable!

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