Monday, 14 February 2011

বাড়ি ছাড়া (away from home)

'বাড়ি ছাড়া '
(Bari: Home; Chhara: Left, leaving, without)
Acrylic on mounted canvas.
Size: 18 cm x 24 cm

I am back from India after 2 months.
I had the most wonderful time with my family,
loved ones and my wonderful friends.
The home in this painting resembles the home
I grew up in, near Kolkata, the home that is filled
with countless happy childhood memories.
Geneva is being nice to us with the sun
shining through, letting me hold on to
and reminisce the good times spent in Kolkata.
I have loads of photos and experiences to share with you all,
it'll all come - by and by.
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes,
you really made my day so special.
Have a lovely love filled day.


Veda Murthy said...

The painting is lovely dee! hope u had a lovely day!!!!

Iniyaal said...

Beautiful painting. Those lovely eyes radiate so much of innocence and longing.

Mundo Mundaca said...

This picture resembles you a lot.. it is really luminous and charming.
congratulations for your birthday and that you have very happy days.
A big hugs,

Rupa said...

Welcome back Dee! This is a gorgeous painting! It truly shows the emotions you must be feeling after coming back from India. I can totally relate to that. Belated Birthday wishes from a fellow Aquarian!

Sound Horn Please said...

Absolutely lovely! I grew up in a home that looks very similar, now if only the woman in the painting looked more south indian ;)

Strawberry Amma said...

Dithi Didi,

Happy belated birthday!

Really sorry. Hope it was fun-filled.

ceedy said...


I have been following your blog for a while. You have great creativity.

Was wondering if you have done any paintings that are monotone?

Dithi said...

Thanks Veda, yes, i had a lovely time.

Iniyaal: thank you!

Yasmin: only after you said, i think she does, if not in her features then my be in her spirit she does...thank you for your wishes, hug you back!

Rupa: so many times (in fact every time) i have read your comment, i have thought to myself, i wish she had a link back, a web address i could link her back of my favourite readers and friends....wish you a beautiful new year and i hope to continue to have you on my blog and my life :), thank you for being such a support, much love to your gentle soul!

Dithi said...

Sound Horn Please: oh is it? it is difficult to leave these homes (physically) behind.

Anik: hi! sorry about what ?
Thank you so much for the wishes.

Ceedy: not yet, but i should do one, and soon na?

ceedy said...

Not saying that what you have here is anything but good - but just like the title suggested - Away from home - was expecting a bluish/greyish monotone to portray the emotion....just an idea input...

Dithi said...

ceedy: point taken, would have been interesting and, as you said, apt for the theme, thanks for the suggestion

Rupa said...

Oh Dee, you have truly brought tears to my eyes now. Thanks for showing such warmth and affection to someone whom you have never even met. I hope we do meet someday! You know, Geneva is on my list of travels (then again, which place isn't?!). I always felt connected to you and your art from day one. Your true spirit and genuineness comes through in your posts and paintings. I have contemplated a blog for a long time to show case my little arts/crafts adventures but I decided to instead spend my time doing the art itself. I would get obsessed over how the blog looks/putting gadgets on it etc, I am one of those type A personality:)) I don't get enough time to do things that my heart desires daily (work on my music, paint, do all sorts of art projects, list is endless). But PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP SHARING YOUR ART/THOUGHTS ON YOUR BLOG, we all need sites like yours to feast on daily!

Anonymous said...

Is this for sale?

Dithi said...

Not for sale yet, stocking up for an exhibition....

Katya Rassadina said...

Dithi, I love this picture! It's amazing!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

As always, that's a beautiful work of art that you have created. Looking at it, the first thought that crossed my mind was that this is Paro from Devdas...

Lovely work!

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