Monday, 21 February 2011

just another update

Some snaps from 14.02. evening at home:
One of the many wonderful birthday wishes that
i received from you all on Facebook,
was this one message that bore this image of Kamadhenu Maa:
This one was from the wonderful photographer
and my FB friend Katya Peshakova.
I remember seeing some photos of this Goddess
while browsing books on Indian Folk art
at a Kolkata book store and being totally fascinated and
awestruck by her form and beauty.
This just had to be my next painting.

So, while the sun is making patterns on my walls today...
......and all birthday flowers are hung against the kitchen window to dry ......
.....while my FB friends keep me entertained
and the most amazing sufiana music plays on the laptop...
i am having a brilliant time sketching for my next piece.....


Strawberry Amma said...

Tumi khooooob shundor dekhte! :)

GB said...

Happy happy birthday---you look stunning.

PS: I picked up the Ma laxmi block from anokhi as well! :)It was lovely catching up with all your posts.

Rupa said...

I don't know what the song means but it sure sounds divine! Your pic has a serene and meditative feel to it! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! As for that Kamadhenu pic, yep, that was just meant to be painted by you!!! What a find! PS: I got the exact same color of roses from my DH for my b'day on Feb 9th. You see, we are connected somehow :))

Dithi said...

Anik: thank you, dhonyobaad, so sorry I missed this set of comments. I publish them and want to come back and reply to all, but there are times when it slips my mind.

GB: Thanks GB, glad to be back.

Rupa: yes, I think we are, i did have a wonderful day, i hope you did too :)

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