Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Printmaking in Kolkata

I had come to Kolkata for my cousin brother's wedding
in July and we had plans of going back in a month's time.
However, hubby needed to stay back to carry through
a project launch, so I happily obliged. Happily - because that meant
my chance to explore the city and its art scene.
The first thing I did was visit the esteemed GCAC
to find out if there was a suitable creative space that I could work and learn at.
A meeting with the Principal where I could share my work
and express my interest in Printmaking led to something wonderful.
The college has offered me the opportunity to attend its printmaking
department for a month, starting November 2011.
That might happen if I do stay back till December.
The college building is charming with its red walls, beautiful hand painted
murals and huge corridors wrapped in the lush green trees.

The ancient staircases and the decorative walls
are very well maintained and precious artwork adorns the walls
of this building that contains 144 years of history.
I was asked not to take any more photos but I had to share the ones I had.

I explored the possibilities of learning printmaking without having to wait that long
and that led me to my current workspace!
Am training here everyday, my current focus is relief prints.
Here are some image updates from today's work:
This is a 4 colour composition, in red-green.black and white.
Cutting the block of wood is the starting point.
The first set of prints have been taken and then you cut the block again
to prepare it for the second colour.
This is my third print, the first 2 were 2 and 3-colour sets.
It's great fun to cut up a composition on these blocks,
ink them and then take prints manually.
Another student at the studio, cuts his linoleum block
for a 4 colour print. It was my wish to make woodcut
prints for a long time, little did I know that it'll actually happen.

For those of you waiting for the Durga Puja photos (I have too many!),
I have created another blog for these and I'll be posting
all my captures (image n videos) there.
You can start following to get updates as and when the posts are made.


indian yarn said...

these are the things i would like to do when i visit cal. i am sure they have something for textiles as well

Neha said...

Awesome.. I never knew the background of all this.. beautifully done.. I can't even draw a straight line for that matter ;)

Sound Horn Please said...

Gorgeous Dithi! I attended a Slikscreen printing workshop over the weekend to learn the basics. Sigh! It would be so lovely to do a month long course..

Nirja Desai said...

This is so wonderful. I am inspired to go to India one day and do the same =)

Rupa said...

What a gorgeous place and inspiring environment to learn printmaking! I started block carving after watching Genine (who didn't?! LOL!). Looks like you are doing the real deal. Can't wait to see all the pics and read about your classes. Waiting to see Durga Puja pics.

Rupa said...

No updates :( Hope you are having in blast in India.

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