Thursday, 17 July 2008

Francois Hardy Chanson

A beautiful song from a beautiful artist

(This is the translation I got with the video)

Many of my friends came from the clouds

With sun and rain like a simple luggage

They marked the season of the sincere friendships

The most beautiful season of the four on earth

They have the sweetness of the most beautiful landscapes

And the fidelity of birds of passage

In their hearts its engraved an infinite tenderness

But sometimes in their eyes the sadness slips

Then they come to me to warm themselves

And you also will come

You can leave in the depths of the clouds

And smile again to many other faces

Spread around a little of your tenderness

When others wants you to hide their sadness

As it is not known what life gives us

It may be that in my turn I won't be someone either

If I still have a friend who really understands me

I'd forget both my tears and my sorrows

So, maybe I will come to you

And warm my heart to your wood


Pramita said...

heard the song, read the translation, saw the pics, my day is made, im happy agn Thanks muah!!

jennifer said...

beautiful! thank you for sharing.. I would like the cd please to play in the car on my 45 min drive to work...

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