Monday, 14 July 2008

Promenade along the Quai de Mont Blanc (Right bank of the lake)

Last Saturday...the day of the Parade 2008. I wish I had pics of the crazy costume clad parade folks, it was crazy!!! We were on the calmer, saner side of the walk that day :))!!
These swans on Lac Leman have acquired celebrity status and get photographed as much as the Jet d'eau!!!

Brunswick Memorial.It is the tomb of Charles II the Duke of Brunswick (1804-73) who spent his last years in the city. At his death actually he bequeathed his fortune to the city of Geneva.

'Féte de Genève' starts end of this month around the lake (Lac Leman). So, Pont du Mont Blanc lights up with crèpe and panini shops, carousels, cafeterias, ice cream booths.....quaint little shops, good food, happy faces, bright colours!


jennifer said...

dee this is amazing and I love the old world architecture... how close is this to you?

Dee said...

This is about 10 to 15 mins bus ride from home Jen, we should go there more often and the walk is beautiful. The district (Quartière: Champel) where we are is very green and the avenues are perfect for blissful romantic walks!!!

jennifer said...

I am so envious.. that's it... I am getting my passport and getting out of this country! I have never traveled abroad and I am missing so much.

Dee said...

LOL!!! Your local tour guide will be at your service :)))

jennifer said...

AND don't think I won't be calling!!!

Connie said...

Those photos are great Dee! Do you ever get to swing down to Italy? I miss Italy with my whole entire heart. I miss Italy that sometimes my body starts to ache. If you were to visit Italy, could you just mention my name there...just so I could feel like a part of me is there?....yeah, I get a little over-dramatic and over-romantic when it comes to Italy. I should have just stopped at nice photos!!

Peace & Love.

Dee said...

Connie, have not been to Italy after 1997 with my parents and sis after I finished 10th Grade. Will have to plan that trip, its supposed to be a beautiful drive.

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