Monday, 7 July 2008

Trois soeurs (Three sisters)

Last two weeks were packed and I was missing out on posts, painitng and basically not spending as much time on work. I finished this today .....thanks to all you lovely ladies for sending me feedback and visiting back ..... for all the support....... keeps me going :)


Connie said...

This is fantastic, of course. I love it. Love it.

Peace & Love.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

very nice girlfriend!
missed you!

jennifer said...

love all the girls together and the details on the sides.

jennifer said...

oh my goodness, I was just drinking coffee this morning, still grooooggy when I looked at this, but I THOUGHT that the tapestry you have the painting against was part of the painting! OOPS!
still, I just adore this new work of yours!

bianca said...

you make beautiful paintings...i love them!!

mystele said...

dee, i can't wait to look through more of your blog! i'll be reading regularly, and thanks so much for stopping by mine! by the way, i LOVE this painting!

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