Monday, 30 June 2008

Quick update

Hey there! Here is a quick post on what I have been up to.
How was your weekend? Mine went absfabs!!!
We had wonderful friends over for dinner on Saturday.
Yesterday, of course, the match was great and Spain gave a superlative performance!!!
Its mad summer sale all over Geneva and for once you see a LOT of people in the malls and on the streets!!! It was very hot but today we had rain in the morning and now its cool and breezy. Beautiful.
I am reading all the comments and watching all the videos from my subscriptions and then going back to unfinished chores, so I have so many comments that I want to make and kept postponing. May be I will sit down and do that tomorrow. And start a new painting. I am going to get some prints for my shop this week.
Love to all you guys. Have a great week ahead.


Connie said...

I have to tell you that after your Indian food post I was majorly jonesin for vegetable korma like nobody's business!!! I finally gave in and ordered it take-out on Sunday...and you won't believe it...they forgot the paneer!!!

I ate it anyhow. Darn good stuff!!

Peace & Love.

Dee said...

heheheh!!! OMG!! We had super Indian dinner on sat as well!

jennifer said...

hi girl, sent you an email...
what are you UP to?

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