Friday, 13 June 2008

Football fever

See how cute this is (a gift hubby brought home). I was never a football fan. But I think the enthusiasm and the madness surrounding the game now in Geneva has had its effects!!! Ronaldo kicked ass and I think I am going to watch him play his next game LIVE!!!

Calcutta is football and cricket crazy all of this reminds me of home and all my friends who used to wonder how I can NOT be in LOVE with any of these two...LOL!!!

Am back from the post ofice, will be painting most of the day today.

Love to you lovely ppl, I love to read your comments and get to know your thoughts.




Diane Duda said...

I just found you this morning via Youtube and have enjoyed watching several of your videos.
I am in love with your colorful paintings and will be back often to see what you've created.

Thanks for sharing! :)


bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey DEE! ur painting is IN THE MAIL!!! this new TrAnCe dAnCe dVd is sooooo awesome! (mind you, my CALVES have been so sore since, that i haven't been able to do it again...)
have u ever tried Ana Brett & Ravi Singh? it's kundalini yoga....oH mY WORD ~ AMAZING!!!
i'm not really a sports fan either~ OOOOOOH! i just did something AWESOME with my hubby's old hockey skates~ will post a photo soon~

nollyposh said...

Dee have just watched a few of your utube vids and l find your aRT really powerful fabulous stuff Thankyou X:-) Vicki x

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