Thursday, 26 June 2008

Whatz going on? almost nothing

I know I have not been posting, as a matter of fact, I am not doing much at all. Its hot and stuffy. Spoke to a very good friend back in Calcutta after ages. Read her blog posts...hilarious!
Watching Euro.
Planning an Indian dinner. Listing, checking the ingredients.
Great book on Indian food by Shehzad Husian and Rafi Fernandez. (with step by step illustrations!!!)
Starting off a new painting today.
More later.
Love to all you guys, for leaving your thoughts, writing to me, brights spots in my day!!!

*Tell me what is your most favourite Indian dish, I will try to post an authentic recipe for that in my blog soon. I am just plain curious :)!!!*


Connie said...

Hi Dee!

Missed you!

Just reading this post makes my whole body go into mass craving!! I LOVE Indian Food, like if it was a person, I would hang around where they live and stalk them---yes, that kind of crazy love!!! There's like a million dishes I could devour--but one of my favorites has to be the creamy delight of a good vegetable korma--and it must have paneer. It must!!

Peace & Love.

jennifer said...

ok, I haven't had a lot of Indian food, but I love food, so you pick a good one for me and I will make it ( if you tell me how!) then I will let you know how it turned out.
When my husband was working on his doctorate we went to a Hindu Temple once and I loved the rice they served after, it was kinda sweet, maybe the Lemon Rice? They were so kind, it was probably the most relaxed I have ever felt in a "church" ( for lack of a better word ) setting. Like getting a massage. And being blessed by the priest at the end was super cool, better than being confirmed in the christian church when I was 13.
So, yeah, that rice was YUMMY!

Dee said...

hahahah, you guys .....!!!!

Connie I am surprised to hear Veg Korma coz I was expecting the more commonly known Tikka masalas and Tandooris...I will have a paneer dish up for you!!!

Dee said...

Jen, yes most probably you would have had lemon rice (I am guessing the temple was a South Indian temple). I am making Zaffrani pulao (which is a cardamom flavoured rice coloured and drizzled with saffron milk), i will put that up as well!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

My uncle icky (iqbal) was from Pakistan and he used to make this lovely dish with tomatoes, garlic, potatoes and egg all mashed, but I can't find it anywhere. You have any idea what it might be?

JafaBrit's Art said...

or maybe it didn't have potatoes, but it did have onions and garlic.

Dee said...

Hey Corrine, I don't really know about the dish that you are talking about. It does not sound like any Indian dish I know :(!
Let me see if I can find out more.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I wonder if he adapted the dish or made it up? He used to cook a lot of traditional Indian meals, but this dish was very different to his others.

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